Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Full Gigafinal results

There were 24 children who had qualified from the regional Megafinals for the Northern Gigafinal in Manchester last weekend.   12 of these qualifiers actually travelled north to take part.   As already reported, 9-year old Anita Somton won her section and qualifies for the Terafinal in August.

11-year old Alex Sheerin will also be going to the Terafinal, albeit in the Challengers Section.   He came second in his section, after drawing his first and last games whilst winning the other four, to finish in sole second place on 5 points.

Other scores were as follows (all scores out of 6):

Luc Wallace (Bury Knights JCC) u7B - 3 points
Luca Gonzalez-Janes (Ipswich Prep) u8B - 2
Peter Jardine (Creeting St Mary Primary) u8B - 2
Thomas Liddy (Abbey Prep, Woodbridge) u8B - 2
Alan John (Bury Knights JCC) u10B - 3½
Bethany Young (Bury Knights JCC) u11G - 2
Clement Wallace (Bury Knights JCC/St Louis Middle) u12B - 2½
William Sait (Bury Knights JCC) u13B - 4½ (equal 3rd)
Patrick Gembis (Bury Knights JCC) u14B - 3
Emilia Jewell (Bury Knights JCC) u15G - 3½ (3rd)

Nine of the 12 entrants attend the Bury Knights JCC.   It was disappointing that seven other Megafinal qualifiers, all who attend the Abbey Prep in Woodbridge, were unable to play.

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